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CodeNameTypeGroupQuarterTime slotTeacher
5LFF0Electronics: selected topicsFree ElectiveIntegrated CircuitsBlok JAARXdr. G.I. Radulov, MSc
5LFI0Electronics: selected topicsFree ElectiveIntegrated CircuitsBlok JAARXdr. G.I. Radulov, MSc
5LEB0Environment and power engineeringFree ElectiveElectrical Energy SystemsBlok W.F.L.M. Hoeben
5LEC0Underground & submarine power cablesFree ElectiveElectrical Energy SystemsBlok P.C.J.M. van der Wielen
5LIC0Networked embedded systemsFree ElectiveElectronic SystemsBlok GS1Adr. M. Nabi Najafabadi, MSc
5LWE0Control of rotating field machinesFree ElectiveElectromechanics and Power ElectronicsBlok GS1Aprof.dr. E. Lomonova
5LFK0Circuit analysisFree ElectivePhotonic Integration GroupBlok GS1Cprof.dr. K.A. Williams
5LIU0Premaster linear systems, signals & controlFree ElectiveElectronic SystemsBlok 2C1dr. A.K. Balatsoukas Stimming
5LWH0Modelling & control of power convertersFree ElectiveElectromechanics and Power ElectronicsBlok M.G.L. Roes
5LIN0Video processingFree ElectiveElectronic SystemsBlok G. de Haan
5LEE0Electrical power engineering and system integrationFree ElectiveElectrical Energy SystemsBlok GS1DR.T.W.J. van Hoppe, MSc
5LEL0Power quality phenomenaFree ElectiveElectrical Energy SystemsBlok GS1E1dr. V. Cuk, MSc
5LIS0Computer architecture and c programmingFree ElectiveElectronic SystemsBlok S. Stuijk
5SVA0High voltage technologyFree ElectiveElectrical Energy SystemsBlok GS2A1dr. P.A.A.F. Wouters
5SHA0Photonic integrated devicesFree ElectivePhotonic Integration GroupBlok GS2A2dr. X.J.M. Leijtens
5SIA0Embedded computer architecture_Free ElectiveElectronic SystemsBlok GS2A2, A3prof.dr. H. Corporaal
5LSB0Monitoring of respiration and circulationFree ElectiveSignal Processing SystemBlok GS2B1dr. P.H. Woerlee
5LIG0Applied combinatorial algorithmsFree ElectiveElectronic SystemsBlok GS2B1dr. M. Nasri Nasrabadi
5SFA0Data converters 1: fundamentalsFree ElectiveIntegrated CircuitsBlok P.J.A. Harpe
5LIF0Advanced digital circuit designFree ElectiveElectronic SystemsBlok R. Jordans
5LMA0Model reductionFree ElectiveControl SystemsBlok GS2Cprof.dr. S. Weiland
5LIQ0Linear systems, signals and controlFree ElectiveElectronic SystemsBlok GS2C1dr. A.K. Balatsoukas Stimming
5LIR0Linear systems, signals and control DBLFree ElectiveElectronic SystemsBlok GS2C1dr. A.K. Balatsoukas Stimming
5PRE01Refresher English for pre-Master's studentsFree ElectiveElectrical EngineeringBlok GS1DA.M.M. Debije-Popson, MA
5LPA0Wireless communicationsFree ElectiveElectromagneticsBlok M.J. Bentum
5LPE0Electromagnetic fields in MRI: theory, simulations, building and testingFree ElectiveElectromagneticsBlok GS2C1dr. I. Zivkovic
5AT010Electrical componentsFree ElectiveElectromechanics and Power ElectronicsBlok GS2C2dr. S. Wilkins
5LIV0Video health monitoringFree ElectiveElectronic SystemsBlok G. de Haan
5SEB0Decentral power generation and active networksFree ElectiveElectrical Energy SystemsBlok GS2C2dr. H.P. Nguyen, MSc
5SFB0RF transceivers 1: fundamentalsFree ElectiveIntegrated CircuitsBlok GS2C2dr. D. Milosevic
5SWA0Rotary permanent magnet machinesFree ElectiveElectromechanics and Power ElectronicsBlok GS2Dprof.dr. E. Lomonova
5SWC0Linear and planar motors for high-precision systemsFree ElectiveElectromechanics and Power ElectronicsBlok GS2Dprof.dr. E. Lomonova
5SMC0Control principles for engineered systemsFree ElectiveControl SystemsBlok GS2D1dr. L. Ozkan
5SEC0Planning and operation of power systemsFree ElectiveElectrical Energy SystemsBlok J.G. Slootweg
5SSD0Bayesian machine learning and information processingFree ElectiveSignal Processing SystemBlok A. de Vries
5LSH0Computer vision and 3D image processingFree ElectiveVideo coding & architecturesBlok GS2Edr. Y. Bondarau
5LIH0Digital integrated circuit designFree ElectiveElectronic SystemsBlok GS2E1ir. J.A. Huisken
5LIP0Digital integrated circuits: fundamentalsFree ElectiveElectronic SystemsBlok GS2E1ir. J.A. Huisken
5SFC0Advanced CMOS designFree ElectiveIntegrated CircuitsBlok GS2E1dr. G.I. Radulov, MSc
5SPB0Microwave engineering and antennasFree ElectiveElectromagneticsBlok A.B. Smolders
5LIE0MultiprocessorsFree ElectiveElectronic SystemsBlok A.A. Basten
5LIM0Parallelization, compilers and platformsFree ElectiveElectronic SystemsBlok R. Jordans
5LAH0Seminar: optical interconnection networksFree ElectivePhotonic Integration GroupBlok GS3A1dr. N. Calabretta
5LMB0Model predictive controlFree ElectiveControl SystemsBlok GS3A1dr. M. Lazar
5SFD0Data converters 2: designFree ElectiveIntegrated CircuitsBlok P.J.A. Harpe
5LED0Smart grid operation through ictFree ElectiveElectrical Energy SystemsBlok GS3A2dr. J.K. Kok
5LSC0Biomedical sensing technologyFree ElectiveSignal Processing SystemBlok M. Mischi
5LEF0System integration projectFree ElectiveElectrical Energy SystemsBlok GS3Bdr. V. Cuk, MSc
5SIB0Electronic design automationFree ElectiveElectronic SystemsBlok J.P.M. Voeten
5SSC0Adaptive array signal processsingFree ElectiveSignal Processing SystemBlok R.J.G. van Sloun
5LEA0Protection and automation of distribution networksFree ElectiveElectrical Energy J. Morren
5LSE0Techniques for video compression & analysisFree ElectiveVideo coding & architecturesBlok P.H.N. de With
5SMB0System identificationFree ElectiveControl SystemsBlok P.M.J. Van den Hof
5SPD0Electromagnetic modeling techniquesFree ElectiveElectromagneticsBlok GS3C1dr. R.J. Dilz
5SHB0Photonic integration: technology and characterizationFree ElectivePhotonic Integration GroupBlok GS3C2dr. Y. Jiao
5LFA0Low-power health electronicsFree ElectiveIntegrated CircuitsBlok P.J.A. Harpe
5LIL0Intelligent architecturesFree ElectiveElectronic SystemsBlok GS3C2prof.dr. H. Corporaal
5LSJ0Image analysis for health-care technologiesFree ElectiveSignal Processing SystemBlok GS3Ddr. S. Zinger
5STA0Optical fibre communication technologyFree ElectiveElectro-optical CommunicationBlok GS3Ddr. N. Calabretta
5SWB0Advanced power electronicsFree ElectiveElectromechanics and Power ElectronicsBlok H. Huisman
5LEG0Pulsed power technologyFree ElectiveElectrical Energy SystemsBlok T. Huiskamp
5ARA0Software engineering for artificial intelligenceFree ElectiveSignal Processing SystemBlok A. de Vries
5LWF0Fem for electromagnetic devicesFree ElectiveElectromechanics and Power ElectronicsBlok D.C.J. Krop
5LHB0Optical sensing and metrologyFree ElectivePhotonic Integration GroupBlok GS3Edr. E.A.J.M. Bente
5LMC0Robust controlFree ElectiveControl SystemsBlok R. Toth
5LSM0Convolutional neural networks for computer visionFree ElectiveVideo coding & architecturesBlok GS3Edr. F. van der Sommen, MSc
5SVB0Electromagnetic compatibilityFree ElectiveElectrical Energy SystemsBlok GS3Edr. R. Serra
5LIJ0Embedded control systemsFree ElectiveElectronic SystemsBlok GS3E1dr. D. Goswami
5SFE0RF transceivers 2: designFree ElectiveIntegrated CircuitsBlok P.G.M. Baltus
5LEJ0Secondary batteries and hydrogen storageFree ElectiveElectromechanics and Power ElectronicsBlok GS4Adr. D.L. Danilov
5LIA0Embedded visual controlFree ElectiveElectronic SystemsBlok GS4Aprof.dr. H. Corporaal
5LID0Systems on siliconFree ElectiveElectronic SystemsBlok GS4Adr. M. Gomony
5LWC0Advanced actuator designFree ElectiveElectromechanics and Power ElectronicsBlok D.C.J. Krop
5LSG0NeuromonitoringFree ElectiveSignal Processing SystemBlok P.J.M. Cluitmans
5LTB0Fibre optic communication systems and networksFree ElectiveElectro-optical CommunicationBlok GS4A1dr. Z. Cao
5LSL0Machine learning for signal processingFree ElectiveSignal Processing SystemBlok R. Vullings
5LTA0Advanced network protocolsFree ElectiveElectro-optical CommunicationBlok GS4A2dr. G. Exarchakos
5LFB0Terahertz systemsFree ElectiveIntegrated CircuitsBlok GS4Bprof.dr. M. Matters-Kammerer
5LFE0Novel concepts in environmental monitoringFree ElectiveIntegrated CircuitsBlok GS4Bdr. H.J. W├Ârtche
5LIB0Embedded systems laboratoryFree ElectiveElectronic SystemsBlok GS4Bprof.dr. K.G.W. Goossens
5SC28Machine learning for systems and controlFree ElectiveControl SystemsBlok GS4BM. Schoukens
5LWG0Power electronics for high-precision applicationsFree ElectiveElectromechanics and Power ElectronicsBlok B.J.D. Vermulst
5LPB0Phased array and smart antennasFree ElectiveElectromagneticsBlok A.B. Smolders
5LEI0Pulsed power driven chemistry of plasmas: foundationsFree ElectiveElectrical Energy SystemsBlok W.F.L.M. Hoeben
5LEK0Pulsed power driven chemistry of plasmas: foundations & laboratory learningFree ElectiveElectrical Energy SystemsBlok W.F.L.M. Hoeben
5LFC0Flexible and large area electronicsFree ElectiveIntegrated CircuitsBlok GS4DM. Fattori, MSc
5LIK0Embedded signal processing systemsFree ElectiveElectronic SystemsBlok M.C.W. Geilen
5AUA0Advanced sensing using deep learningFree ElectiveVideo coding & architecturesBlok GS4D1dr. G. Dubbelman
5LSK0Digital wireless communcation exploration labFree ElectiveSignal Processing SystemBlok F.M.J. Willems
5LMF0Control challenges in autonomous racingFree ElectiveControl SystemsBlok S. Haesaert
5SC26Systems & control integration projectFree ElectiveControl SystemsBlok GS4Eprof.dr. S. Weiland
5LME0Advanced process controlFree ElectiveControl SystemsUnknownUnknowndr. L. Ozkan
5LSF0Applications of information theoryFree ElectiveSignal Processing SystemBlok GS4E1dr. A.E. Alvarado
5LMD0Selected topics in systems and controlFree ElectiveControl SystemsBlok H. Butler
5LTC0Brain-inspired optical computationFree ElectiveElectro-optical CommunicationBlok GS4E2dr. R. Stabile
2DME10Discrete mathematicsCore CourseWiskundeBlok GS1Bprof.dr. F.G.M.T. Cuypers
2DME30Complex analysisCore CourseWiskundeBlok L.C.G.J.M. Habets
5CCA0Semiconductor physics and materialsCore CourseIntegrated CircuitsBlok E. Cantatore
5CHA0Classical and modern physicsCore CoursePhotonic Integration GroupBlok GS1Cdr. W. Yao
5CPA0Numerical methods in electrical engineeringCore CourseElectromagneticsBlok M.C. van Beurden
5CSA0Modeling dynamicsCore CourseControl SystemsBlok GS1Dprof.dr. S. Weiland
5CTA0Statistical signal processingCore CourseSignal Processing SystemBlok GS1Adr. S. Turco, MSc
2DME20Non-linear optimizationCore CourseWiskundeBlok GS1Cdr. J.C.M. Keijsper
5CKF0Research set-upProfessional DevelopmentElectrical EngineeringBlok GS1E2dr. O. Raz
5CKF0Research set-upProfessional DevelopmentElectrical EngineeringBlok GS3E2dr. O. Raz
5CKB0Tutoring and coachingProfessional DevelopmentElectrical EngineeringBlok GS1Xdrs. J.H.M. Doreleijers
5CKB0Tutoring and coachingProfessional DevelopmentElectrical EngineeringBlok GS2Xdrs. J.H.M. Doreleijers
5CKB0Tutoring and coachingProfessional DevelopmentElectrical EngineeringBlok GS4Xdrs. J.H.M. Doreleijers